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How it works

Check-in on your time

In today’s fast-pace world, things change quickly and so do opinions.

Each time you log in you will receive 8-10 questions on a wide range of topics. On occasion, you may receive a question or two that seem familiar because in today’s fast pace world things change quickly and so do opinions.

Each day you log in you will receive a certain number of points which will depend on how many days in a row you have logged in, number of times in the past month, etc. The more points, the higher up the leader board you will move. The higher the ranking the better chances there are of prizes and gifts.

All it takes is 90 second. Ready to start?




The Trendency Allocation Bar (TAB for short)

Opinions are complicated and often times not just a simple Yes or No.

We understand that most of us have more complex feelings on most issues and dislike being reduced to choosing one of two choices.

By using our TAB, you get to share how “Confident AND “Not Confident” in the economy (as an example), but what percent of the time are you feeling each of these. It might be 100% of the time for one of them, but there is a good chance that is not actually the case.


Short Surveys

No progress bars that never seem to move. No more seemingly endless questionnaires on a topic you may or may not care about. Each time you log in, we will show you how many questions you have (never more than 10). 90 seconds of your time….easy.

In less time than it takes to read this page you could be done with your first survey.


Question Types

We want to keep this as interesting as possible. Some questions might be topical, or something that has been in the news recently. Some might be about an issue you care deeply about, others might be about an issue you have never thought of before.

Regardless of the exact topics, there will always be a mix of topics when you log in, and over the course of a year, you might only see a question once, other times we might as a question again to see how, or if, your thoughts and opinions have changed.

With Trendency, it’s ok that your opinion changes, in fact, that is the point. Most of us adjust our thinking and that should be discussed, not swept under the carpet.


High Standards of your Privacy

Your privacy is our top priority. We will never share or sell any information about you as an individual. All of our reporting is done in the aggregate and our data is protected by the highest level of security available. There is a longer version at the button below, but this policy will never change.


Cool Prizes & Money

With each completed survey you will receive points that will allow you to move up the leader board as you compete against your fellow Trendency panelists. The more days you log in, the quicker you move up. The higher up you are the better the prizes available.