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Our Mission:

Make an Impact

Provide individuals the ability to inform the decisions business and political leaders are making in a way that is quick, easy, and fun


How it works

Everyday, thousands of our panelist from all around the world login to Trendency and answer a few short questions. You can login once a day or a handful of times per week or month. It’s totally up to you.

Each time you log in you will receive 8-10 questions on a wide range of topics. On occasion you may receive a question or two that seem familiar, because in today’s fast pace world things change quick and so do opinions.


Your voice matters.

Ever wonder who take these surveys that we hear about in the news? Mostly it’s people willing to sit and answer questions for 15 minutes. Let’s be honest, that doesn’t work for most of us.

Join our Trendency panel and all it takes is 90 seconds to help change the world.

No more phone calls, or surveys that never end. Trendency is quick and easy, and it's on your schedule, not ours

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The Panelist Experience

“I like the questions and it keeps me informed”

- Kalie M., 34, Colorado

“…surveys are quick and relevant.”

- Karl L., 50, Michigan

“Express my opinion. Feels more personal”

- Janet G., 67, California

“Learning something new. Giving feedback.”

- Michelle A., 19, Ohio